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December 8, 2012

Only One

I think it's officially happened! I knew the day would come, but I had no idea it would be this early. And honestly, I didn't think it would happen to Presley for a really long time since she has always been such a good sleeper. But it happened....only ONE nap a day.

I'm so thankful (and I know Drew is even more thankful) that she still takes at least one nap. But it's really sad to have only one time during the day when we get a little break. Don't get me wrong, I love our happy little energetic daughter. But it's also nice to get a couple of breaks during the busy day. And I know that Drew can attest to that even more than I can since he is home with her ALL day.
When we took away her pacifier we started seeing a pattern of only one nap. There were a couple of blessed days where she slept twice, but it rarely happened. About a week ago it was pretty apparent that she had created her own schedule of just one nap a day.

Normally we let Presley wake up on her own in the morning. She will normally sleep in until 8:00-9:00 most days. She has been going down for a nap right after lunch around 1:00. Then she is ready for bed around 8:30-9:00. It's a pretty good schedule, but it's definitely sad to loose that morning nap.
Many days in the last few weeks I've come home to a very exhausted daddy. I'll ask him how their day went and I can see it all over his face that she only took one nap. And most of these one naps have only been about an hour or so. So unfortunately for Drew he has been having to do a lot more work at night. But we can't complain. We are still just thankful that he can stay home with her during the day.

So I guess we should officially say bye-bye to our first naptime. And we'll just be thankful that she still takes that glorious second nap. We'll keep our fingers crossed that she'll keep that up for a LONG time!

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