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June 16, 2012

Daddy, I love you! (from Presley)

Dear Daddy,
     I know I am small and I've only been here for awhile, but I already love you so much. You are the best daddy ever. Mommy use to tell me how good of a daddy you were going to be (you know, when I was in her belly still and she would talk to me), but I don't think she even knew how great you would be. You are incredible! 
  I love how you always give me your attention and you'll stop whatever you are doing to play "get you" with mom and I. I love how you always make such silly noises and faces and you make me laugh. I love how you let me play when you give me a bath. Sometimes mommy doesn't always let me play as much as you do. I love how you get so excited about everything new that I learn. Even if it's just something small like learning to dance a little. I know I am making you proud and I love that. I love how you let me ride on your shoulders and show me how to do flips. It's always a little funny watching mommy get nervous cause she thinks I'm going to get hurt. But I know that you would never let anything happen to me. I trust you! I love how you think I am the greatest thing ever and you tell me all the time. It makes me very happy to know how much you love me.
You are absolutely the best daddy I could ever ask for. I am truly the luckiest girl alive to have you as my daddy. I hope you know that I love you so much even though I can't say it yet. But just know that every time I give you a big slobbery kiss, or hug you tight, or give you a big smile, that's me saying I love you!
 I love you so much, Daddy. Happy Father's Day. 

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