Cason Crew

February 24, 2015


Reese has been incredibly silly lately. She laughs and acts goofy all the time. It's the best thing ever to watch our girls be silly together. I just love it! I hope they love each other always. 
Reese tries to talk to us a lot. Many of the words are just close to what it's suppose to be and we know what she's saying because we see what's she's doing. But we noticed awhile ago that she was trying to say Drew. There are lots of times when I'll yell for Drew and Reese likes to mock us. So we've made it be almost a joke where we yell for Drew and then Reese does too. So funny!
I love that both of my girls are so fun and silly. We have lots of fun just being goofy. 

February 22, 2015

Reese is 11 Months

So this month flew by so quickly that I forgot all about taking pictures and writing a post.I realized last night that she was 11 months old yesterday. Oops! This month she it feels like she has become even more of a little girl and no more of a baby. She understands pretty much everything and her little fun personality shows up more and more. I know it's crazy to think that 11 months have already passed by, but I also can't imagine what life was like before her.  
-She weighs about 22 lbs and is about 29 inches tall.
-She is wearing mostly 18 month clothes because everything else is too short. She is a long baby.
-She is wearing size 3 shoes.
-She is wearing size 4 diapers and I feel like it is almost time to move her up to size 5. 
-Such a fantastic sleeper still. She went for about 2 weeks where she wasn't a great sleeper (and not sure why!), but we are better now.
-She takes 2 naps a day. Each nap is only about an hour long.
-She goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes up around 7:30ish.
-She always sleeps on her tummy.
-She still uses the noise maker to help her sleep. 

-She is completely off of Nutramigen and drinks only whole milk!!!! This is a huge deal since it saves us a ton of money a month. I'm so thankful that she's been able to drink whole milk so that we didn't have to do soy or any other form of milk.
-She is a pretty picky eater. She has issues with more of the texture of the food than even the taste.
-She loves to eat toast with jelly, crackers, cereal, cheese, yogurt, and cereal bars.
-We've tried many times to introduce fruits and veggies but she just doesn't really love the mushy texture. She's pretty much over baby food but every once in awhile we can slip it in and get some much needed nutrients.
-She loves to go into the pantry and find her own food. She'll tell us she wants to eat all the time with the sign. We like to call her Miss Piggy.

-She still has 8 teeth. I keep thinking 2 more are going to pop up but so far they haven't.
-She is always so happy...unless she's not. Ha! When we get on to her she is super sensitive and will instantly start pouting and fussing.
-She adores her big sister more than ever. She follows her everywhere.
-She climbs onto everything, especially chairs. She's had lots of bonks this month.
-She understands pretty much everything we tell her.
-She signs to us all the time.
-She can say quite a few words and talks to us all the time.
-She still has her hemangioma on the top of her back. 
-She is getting more and more interested in her toys. She loves to play with her kitchen and piano. 
-She loves to laugh and be silly all the time. 

February 16, 2015

Reese's First Snow

Last night we told Presley that it might snow. So when we said our prayers she thanked God for all the snow.  She had such faith! So when she woke up this morning I told her to look outside. She said, "I told you it would snow a lot!". Silly girl.We didn't get much "snow" because it was just mostly ice. But it was fluffy enough that it was still enjoyable. Presley was so excited to go outside first thing. She loved it...for about 20 minutes. Then she got her hands wet with snow and hated it. Reese enjoyed it for a little while. But she was wet and cold and only lasted a little bit. I always enjoy the snow but I enjoy just looking at it more than anything. 

February 15, 2015

Climbing and Locking

Reese has become a monkey! She is constantly climbing on everything. She climbs onto her little elephant walker toy that she got for Christmas. She'll climb on chairs and then get stuck because they are too tall for her and she can't get down. Presley was never much of a climber but Reese is making up for it and climbs onto everything that she can hike her leg onto. We definitely have to keep a good eye on her even more than usual.
Presley has learned that some of our doors have locks on them and now locks our doors all the time. She's been able to lock and unlock our front and back doors for awhile now. But I guess she never realized that our bathroom doors have locks on them. Well, a few days ago she discovered it and now she locks them all.the.time! Some times she will lock them when she goes to the bathroom and then she gets caught getting into stuff she isn't supposed to get into (like her lipgloss). Other times she will lock the door and then leave. Therefore we can't get the door opened. Fortunately Drew was smart enough to save the "key" so that we can still unlock the doors. I'm also glad only our bathrooms and our bedroom door has a lock on it. 
We enjoyed a few nice days outside and Reese learned to really enjoy the little play house. She loved to ring the doorbell and climb in the chair. Unfortunately now that we are having arctic cold temperatures we will have to wait awhile before we play outside again. We are hoping for some snow and not just gross freezing rain and sleet!

February 14, 2015

My Loves

Valentine's is a day to remind the ones you love that you love them. For me that was getting to spend the entire day with my little family that I love so much. We got donuts this morning, went to the library for a fun puppet show/game time, ran around in Target and bought some ice cream, and had a picnic outside to enjoy the gorgeous day. After naps we spent lots of time playing outside to make sure we got as much sunshine as possible. It was an absolutely wonderful day and I didn't even need roses to make it that way.