Cason Crew

October 30, 2014


Even though Presley can speak so well now there are still a few words that she just doesn't quite say correctly. And it's just so cute. When she does finally learn how to say words (like cereal from "thelduh") it's always a little sad. Her newest silly word is "Snogit" aka Sonic. It's the funniest thing to hear her ask to go there. The first few times she said it I really had to work hard to figure out what she was even saying. 
 The other day I cut up a cucumber to eat for lunch. Presley wanted to try some. When Drew came in for lunch she told him she was eating a "Cumcuer". So silly. 
 Full disclosure...our family is weird. Not like normal weird either. Like straight up strange. We've been saying "Whoa Baby" pretty much since Presley was a baby. Well, for whatever reason a few weeks ago it changed to "Whoa Barbara". Ya'll, I don't even know why. I have a good friend named Barbara and it has nothing at all to do with her. And it's not even about the name. My hubby said it once and it stuck. NO. IDEA. WHY!?? So now we say it all the time. We are weird.
 A couple of weeks ago Drew decided to build a dog house. Presley got to help quite a bit and loved every minute of it. It was such a sweet thing to watch them work together on a little project. I'm glad Drew let her help him so she could feel like she was a part of it. 
I am obsessed with how much my girls love each other these days. They are really starting to play together and enjoy it. (for the most part) It's so sweet to see their friendship grow. I know people tell me all the time that it won't last, but I'm hopeful that maybe my girls will be the exception and just be the best of friends. 

October 27, 2014


Today we decided to get in the spirt of things and carve a pumpkin. The previous times we've done this with Presley she has hated it. And nothing was different about it today. She did stick her hand in the pumpkin ONE TIME and hated it. Drew was super creative and carved an Olaf in the pumpkin for her. And poor Drew did our "family time" alone by himself since it was lunch time for the girls. Ha! Oh well, it's all about making memories. 

Presley got my phone and decided to take a couple of pics for me. She even did some crazy editing (not sure how) on the last picture. Silly girl. 

October 21, 2014

Reese is 7 Months

I almost let this month pass me by without blogging about it. That's how quickly this month flew by. We have been so busy just being a family that I've really gotten bad about blogging regularly. 
This past month Reese has grown even more into a little girl. Her little personality is showing more and more every day. She is moving all over the place, trying her hardest to walk, and babbling all the time. I just love watching her learn new things.

-Weighs about 19 lbs and is probably 28 in. long.
-She is wearing size 4 diapers. (we just moved up from size 3 about a week ago)
-She wears size 6-9 month clothes.
-She doesn't wear shoes but she would probably wear size 2-3.
-She is drinking 4 bottles of Nutramigen a day. Each bottle is about 6-8 oz.
-She is eating 2 containers of food a day along with crackers, cheerios, cereal, and yogurt bites.
-She has loved most foods except for peas and green beans. She will eat them but not well. She definitely prefers the sweet fruits instead.
-She sleeps in her crib all the time.
-She still sleeps on her belly.
-She goes to bed around 7:30-8:00 and is FINALLY sleeping until 7:00-7:30!!!! (Praise.The.Lord she finally sleeps past 5:45!)
-She naps about 2-3 times a day. Each nap is about 1.5 hrs long
-She hasn't woken up with a poop disaster in a long time. 
-She sleeps with a sound machine and it's funny how it will instantly make her sleepy.
-She can normally put herself to sleep pretty well without much rocking or patting. But there are days when I rock her simply because I want to. 
-She has 4 teeth: 2 bottom and 2 top
-She pulls up and stands holding onto everything
-She walks while hanging on to anything she can find.
-She crawls around super fast.
-She is jabbering all the day. 
-She is really getting good at grabbing little food and toys. (which can be a problem)
-She is obsessed with sticking out her tongue like a lizard. Not sure if she's getting a new tooth or if she is just goofy. 
-She adores her big sister still and thinks she is the funniest person in the whole world.
-She loves her bath still
-She is trying to climb over everything.
-She is incredibly happy and also very laid back...until she doesn't get her way. Then she shows her little spunky personality by throwing a pretty good fit. 

October 17, 2014

P's teeth look great

This week Presley had her first dentist appointment and she did awesome! I was pretty worried about her being defiant or just super upset about it. But she was amazing! And thankfully her teeth look great too.
We've been talking about the dentist now for weeks. She has been super excited about it from the first time I mentioned it. She had never seemed nervous at all so we just rolled with it. Even on the morning of her appointment I felt like she was pretty ok with everything. So we got in the car and headed that way.
I got my teeth cleaned first and she was able to watch the entire thing. She even sat in my lap for part of it and was very curious about everything. But even that didn't make her too nervous. When it was her turn she ended up sitting in my lap during her exam as well. But she did awesome. She opened her mouth and the nurse was able to clean, polish, and floss her teeth. I was just hopeful they would get to take a good look at her teeth. I never expected that she'd get her teeth cleaned! I was so proud. 
Once the visit was over she got to get a new toothbrush. She had a choice between a Monster Inc or a Princess toothbrush. She chose a Monster one and I was so proud. I love that she's not afraid to be different. 
I'm so thankful her sweet nurse, Emily, was so good with her. At one point she told me she didn't want "the masked man" to look at her. Ha! My doctor is amazing but I do know that it's quite intimidating when they put on the mask and glasses. 

October 15, 2014

Shake it Off

Lots of times during the day the girls and I will go out to Drew's office for a little field trip/dance break. Almost immediately Presley will ask her daddy to turn on some music. Her favorite song these days (along with every Frozen song) is "Shake it Off". We have lots of fun dancing around like crazy. I love that my girls think I'm the best dancer ever!
Reese is at such a fun age right now where we can finally all play together. We spend lots of time playing in the girl's bedroom during the day. Reese always wants to play with her big sister's toys so she's pretty entertained. I do have to watch her incredibly close though since there are so many little pieces. But surprisingly Reese isn't one to instantly put things in her mouth right away. 

October 11, 2014

"You are a..."

Presley goes with me to the post office and bank quite often. One day when we were driving back home we somehow got on the "game" of "You are a dog", "You are a cat". And we'd take turns calling each other animals. Although not the nicest of games when we start calling each other pig and cow (though that means nothing to her) I thought it was a great chance to introduce new animals. So we played this game one time and that was I thought. Now every.single.time we go to the post office or bank and we drive back down that road she will start up with "You are a..." It's so funny how OCD she can be about it too. But she's always pretty creative about her new animals like chameleon, panda bear, bumble bee..."

Every once in awhile we like to play this same game but we call each other food or just things. The other day we played the "Things we like" game. So I said, "I like cake" P said, "I like cookies". I said "I like cupcakes". Then my sweet little angel said, "I like Mommy". Sweet girl! Those rare moments of sweetness or cherished these days since most days we are a bit of a TURD! But I do love my little nugget to pieces no matter if she's sweet or sassy. 
Presley is such a sweet little girl but she can be very trying at this age. We spend lots of time disciplining her these days and it can be very tiring. But I feel like there are little glimpses each day that show me she really is learning and growing. However, just today I told her not to do something when I laid her down for a nap. She told me, "But I'm gonna do it as soon as you walk out of the room" Wow! What honesty and boldness from my little spunky 3 year old. She keeps me on my toes always. I love her bold and confident and independent she is, we are just trying to teach her how to use those qualities in a good way. 
I always feel bad when I post blogs of just one of my children with cute pictures. Unfortunately Reese was asleep the entire time we took these cute pics and for whatever reason Presley was cooperative during this day.