Cason Crew

August 24, 2015

Bye Bye Mullet

Reese's hair has been out.of.control! I'm talking like crazy curly mullet style. I'm not going to lie, I sort of loved it. I always dreamed of having curly hair so to have a baby with little curls was like a dream come true. But the mullet thing was a little much. Drew has been working on asking Reese "Where's your mullet?" just like we ask her about all her other body parts. So after much resistance, I decided tonight it was time to say bye bye to the mullet. 

Drew wasn't home tonight after the girls' bath but I had the courage and just went for it. I seriously only cut about 1/2 an inch off the back but I swear she looks about 3 years older. I already miss the curls. I'm hopeful they might return as her hair gets longer. It definitely looks much cleaner but it still just makes me sad.

Of course I took no before and after pictures. I was too busy trying not to make it a big deal that I was giving my baby her first hair cut. I have a picture from a few weeks ago to show the before and then Drew took one to show her before bed tonight. I know it's not a huge difference in the pictures but believe me that she looks so different in person. Where did my baby go?


August 23, 2015

The 'real' family pictures

As a photographer family you would think that we'd always have beautiful family photos displayed all over our house. False. We have great pictures of the girls all over the place, but we hardly ever have family pics since my favorite photographer has to be in the pictures. A few weeks ago while we were in NWA for a quick family trip, a friend of Drew's asked if we could swap family sessions. She has a sweet little boy about Reese's age and she is pregnant with a little girl. Of course we said yes because any chance we get to have a great photographer take our pictures we jump on it. Kelsey Crawford is a great photographer and I loved having her take our pictures. She ended up getting some fantastic shots of us and I was so pleased. She was patient with my girls and worked so hard to get them to smile and be happy. Thank you Kelsey for all of your hard work with us!
Now let's be pictures are stressful. And most of the time we only ever post the beautiful photoshopped pictures. In reality, your professional photographer would probably never even show you all of the 'real' pictures. I know Drew would never show them because no one really wants to see the ones that look messy. The only reason I have these pictures to show is because we traded. And I'm sure Kelsey has just as many of these messy shots of her family that Drew photographed because that's just what happens. Again, Kelsey did a fantastic job and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. But kids will be kids no mater what! So enjoy....

I think the one below might be my favorite. I pulled out all the big guns and got my mommy face on with Presley. It really helped. LOL!

August 19, 2015

LIFE in all caps

We have been blessed with two little girls that are full of life. They have the biggest personalities and I love it! Drew said that Reese only does "Life in all caps". She doesn't know how to be calm or low key. She is 'all in' no matter what she is doing.

Lately she has loved playing with Barbies. A lot of times the Barbie heads will fall off (or get pulled off). Reese will pick up a headless barbie and just scream...."ahhhh!" It is hilarious! She has that same reaction to a lot of other things simply because that's what we do now. 
Reese is also my little daredevil. She will climb up onto our ottoman and start "counting". Then she'll just leap/fall onto the big chair and laugh like she is hilarious. It's terrifying so I just turn my head and try not to watch. That's my motto with these girls sometimes. 
She loves to go around yelling "BAT-MAN" at her sister. She will yell for "Mommy" and "Daddy" about as much but it's not nearly as funny. She has one volume...loud! It's not always the most funny thing when we are in Target. 
Reese has also gotten really good at fit throwing. When she doesn't get what she wants you know it. She will sit on the floor and cry for quite awhile. Just today she got so mad at me she just through herself back onto the tile floor. I'm sure it hurt but she didn't give up the fussing. She will look right at us as point her finger and say, "No" all the time. We've had to enforce time out already quite a bit. 
I know both of my girls are very strong willed. We thought we'd have at least one kid that was easy going and obedient. Ha! But the thing is, I'm ok with it. Yes, it is very tough at times having two very independent and strong willed girls. But I am certain God has huge plans for these girls and I'm so excited to get to be their mommy. 

August 18, 2015

Reese's 15 month check-up (oops!)

So...Reese will be 17 months on August 21st. I just realized a few weeks ago that we never got her 15 month shots. Oops! So today we went and took care of that. We had a pretty good visit (except that she cried most of the time!) and Dr. Weed said that she looks perfectly healthy. We obviously weren't too concerned about her health since I didn't even think to make an appointment. 

Reese HATED this appointment for some reason. She literally cried the entire time. She cried when I put her down on the table to have the nurse measure her. She cried when we weighed her, when the doctor looked at her, when I sat her down....she was not having it during this appointment. She weighs 23 lbs and 13 oz ( 51%) and is 32 inches tall (80%). Her head is measuring at 19 inches (99%).  She got her shots (and cried a lot!) and then we were on our happy way. Since we are so close to her 18 month appointment Dr. Weed said we can just wait and come at her 2 year appointment. Hopefully we can all stay healthy and not have to go back for a few months!

August 13, 2015

Crazy girls

We spent most of yesterday evening outside because what else would we be doing on an August night when it's only 80 degrees outside? It was beautiful! So these little dirt mouth, sticky leg, crazy girls had a little photo shoot by their daddy. These girls make me laugh so much. 

While outside tonight Reese learned how to climb up the ladder of the slide all by herself. She was so proud. We were throwing a ball around with Presley and looked over and saw her climbing. She got to the top and just grinned and giggled. She's already been climbing up the actual slide to slide down for a few months. But she can now finally do it the right way.
Presley has been really interested in letters and letter sounds lately. She loves to tell me a word and what letter that word starts with. She is surprisingly correct most of the time. I love that she wants to learn. She's also gotten into noticing prices of things when we are out shopping. It's fun to watch her little brain learn. 
I love that these two still love each other so much. They have definitely started to fight and argue more but they still love to play together. Reese has started to show her anger by biting and hitting. We have to tell her to "be sweet" a lot. When we tell her to say sorry she will hug her sister and say "orry". We spend lots of time during the day being a referee, but they do still love each other. 
Ok, seriously? Look at that pony! And the nose picking. Ya'll, my kids are crazy and I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you God for two healthy and happy girls!