Cason Crew

November 17, 2014

Reeser's Kisses and PR's school

Our latest nickname for Reese, along with Reestipher and Monkey Pants, has become Reeser's. It just sort of happened and then it stuck. Who knows why nicknames stick, but sometimes the weirdest ones do.
Reeser's, who is obviously teething after looking at all of these pictures of her chewing on stuff, has gotten really good at giving kisses. She no longer just opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. She will actually pucker up and give sweet kisses. She will give the sweetest kisses to Presley. She just adores her big sister.
I started doing preschool type stuff with Presley this year. We are going through some curriculum that keeps us on track. She is so smart (I'm not biased at all...ha). And the great thing is she really seems to enjoy school...for the most part. It always works best if we do "School" during Reese's morning nap. But of course that doesn't always work out. We've been working on writing letters, letter sounds, and sight words. She's doing really well and I'm so proud of her. 
I know I say it all the time but I can't imagine having to go to work every single day and leave these girls. And Drew can't imagine staying at home with these busy bodies and trying to get any work done. Ha! I am so grateful that I have this time to be a mommy and not have to worry about work. I am so blessed and do not take it for granted that every single day I get to spend every minute with these crazies. I can't imagine doing anything else right now.

Snow (dusting) day

Ever since the last big tornado warning we had Presley has been incredibly interested in the weather. I have an app on my phone that tells me the weather and she sort of knows what it means now because she is always asking. Of course her biggest concern is, "Is it gonna thunder or rain?"
So the other day we started talking to her about how we might get some snow. I knew there wasn't a very big chance at all, but it was fun to talk about it. And that we did! We talked about snow for about a week. And she was incredibly disappointed when on Sunday she woke up to no snow. But oh the joy when she woke up on Monday to SNOW! Yes, it was literally just a dusting...not even worth mentioning an amount. But she had gotten so disappointed and basically given up that she was just thrilled to have any snow.
Presley got all bundled up (with an old hat that she found a few days earlier) and we even dressed up little sister (in a beautiful hat that was made for Presley by my cousin) and we posed for a few warm snow day pics, just because they looked so darn cute. Presley wanted to go outside and "play" in the snow so badly. So I told her she could! But then of course she didn't want to anymore because that's what a 3 year old does. 
We are hopeful for more snow this winter. Snow days don't quite mean the same thing as they did when I was teaching but they are still very exciting! I'm hopeful we'll get just enough to make a beautiful Olaf and throw a few snowballs at each other. 

November 10, 2014

We have fun

I love that my little family is so silly. We hardly ever take ourselves seriously and it's awesome. We love to laugh and just act crazy. I want my daughters to feel comfortable being themselves no matter how crazy that may be. Drew and I are constantly just being goofy with them and it's so fun.

That being said, the next few pictures are hilarious. Drew got some new studio lights. For a few days every time we would go out to his office (no matter what we looked like) he would want to take a few pics of us. And they are hilarious! I even got in on the fun and posted some pics of me. Just keepin it real folks. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.  
We have an app where it distorts your face and voice and then you can record yourself. For a couple of weeks we had a nightly routine of bath then ipad time to make silly videos. We had the most fun making ridiculous videos. Drew was the best at thinking of silly things. We would have unspoken contests of who could be the most creative and funniest and I felt like Drew always won. Granted, I did do a few really funny ones, but Drew's have been long lasting. Even today, weeks after we started this fun, Presley was singing one of Drew's made up and ridiculous songs about "Eggs and Pickles and Cheese-Toast". We got a good laugh out of it when we were heard her in her bedroom singing the song to herself. Who knew that Drew's songwriting talents were so amazing. 
Reese's little personality is growing more and more every day. She "baby attacks" up now and roars like a monster.We've had wonderful morning times as a family of four all playing in bed getting baby attacked. Just another perk of being a stay at home mommy and having a husband who works from home...we can stay in bed and play as long as we want. I definitely don't take that for granted! 
Reese loves her daddy so much. She gets SO excited every time he comes into the room. He normally comes in to eat lunch with us every day. Again, another great perk! When he comes in we are normally already sitting at the table eating and we have a perfect view of the backdoor. As soon as he walks in she goes crazy and practically jumps from her chair. I think it makes him feel pretty awesome. 

November 3, 2014

Life with a 3 year old

Ya'll, I found these pictures on Drew's computer the other day and couldn't resist showing them. The crazy looks, the gum, the wild hair... this pretty much sums of the drama and craziness of my life with Presley right now. I love her more than my words can possibly explain, but man does she test my patience. She is such a strong willed and determined little girl. God is teaching me so much about myself through this spunky little redhead. 

November 2, 2014

"Momma" and "Bwabwa"

I can not believe my little baby girl is getting so big! I hate that she has "2nd child syndrome" and I don't blog about every time she eats a new food or does something cute with her mouth. Reese is one spunky little girl these days and her personality is showing more and more!

Besides standing up on her own, (which she has been doing now for awhile), she is also saying "Momma" all the time. I am thrilled that she chose her first word to be the most important word ever. :) Presley's first word was "dada" so Drew said he got the first one and I can have the second one. I'll take it. I know she says it directed towards me and I'm pretty sure she knows it's my name. But I also think it means "I want". I guess since she hears big girl saying my name all the time and she gets what she needs then she figures she can do the same thing. She is babbling all the time and trying to say so many other things. She calls her bottle "bwabwa". But she also calls a lot of things that too. Ha! I love this silly talking stage. 
The girls are getting to where they can play together really well. But Reese has starting showing her temper a little when she doesn't always get her way. It's really tough because I definitely don't want to show favoritism and always let Reese get the toy she wants. But I also know she doesn't understand what's going on yet. We've had lots of good conversations with Presley about how "we" are all teaching Reese how to share. And we told Presley when we take toys from Reese that is just going to teach Reese how to take toys from her when she gets bigger. But if we share our toys then she'll learn to share her toys. It's a scary thought that my 3 year old is teaching my 7 month old about as much as I am teaching her. 
The last few nights have been rough. I hate "fall back" time change now that I have children.Little children do not just automatically adjust to the new wake up time. And for whatever reason Reese has not been sleeping well at all. I don't know if she is sick or just gassy or what. But on Saturday night I'm pretty sure she (and we) didn't sleep but a couple of hours. It was rough. And like clockwork Presley was up at 5:45 (which would have been her normal 6:45ish). Here's to hoping everyone's bodies adjust to the new time quickly.