Cason Crew

June 17, 2016

Summer Fun Happenings

Our weeks are always full of fun stuff! We try to stay pretty busy. But this week just seemed extra busy. Maybe it was because I was so well rested from my trip away last week! See, I told you I'd be a better mom when I came back. :)

We started our week off with a fun fill craft day. We basically got all of the craft stuff out of the closet and just created stuff. We also read books and performed some beautiful songs for each other. 
 On Tuesday we made a historic trip to Kroger where the girls FINALLY got to push the small carts around. I have avoided those stupid carts for as long as possible. The girls had the best time and were pretty good for awhile. But I was not sad to say goodbye to those carts! 

On Tuesday night we got to see Drew play softball finally. He hasn't been able to play many games this year, and the games he has played have been too late for us. But we got to cheer him on Tuesday and the girls loved it! 
On Wednesday we went to the park early in the morning before it got too hot....or at least we thought we went before. It was still pretty miserable! We only lasted a short while before we decided to head home and play inside! 
 On Thursday we went back to the park but we got smart and went to the splash pad. I try to avoid this bacteria filled place but I gave in. Presley had a fabulous time but Reese wasn't sure. She warmed up to it a little bit by the time it was time to go. 
 Today we decided to stay inside and we went to the library. Reese was confused why we weren't singing "Happy and know it" since there wasn't story time today. But we found some other fun things to do since our library is so awesome! 

June 14, 2016

Camp Edwards

While Drew and I were in Jamaica my parents kept the girls....for the entire week! My mom said they had a great time, but they sure were exhausted. She kept me informed by sending me pics every day. I'm glad she only send the smiling pictures.