Cason Crew

October 9, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I got to go to the pumpkin patch with Presley and her preschool class. It was so much fun seeing her interact with her friends. She didn't talk much, but she did want to be with them. She told me before we left that she really wanted to sit by her friend Brooke during the hay ride. Well she got to! And it made this mommy heart proud that she sat by her and NOT by me! She is making baby steps on not being as shy as she usually is. It helps that she adores her teacher. 

October 4, 2015

Busy Weekend

This weekend the girls and I made a trip to my hometown to visit my family. I hadn't seen my dad since his bypass surgery and I knew the girls would enjoy a visit. So we first made a stop at my grandparents house on Thursday afternoon. The girls acted shy for about 10 minutes and then they were their crazy selves. 
On Friday my mom had to work so the girls and I took my dad out to get some fresh air. We went to park and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Then we picked up my mom for a quick lunch. Presley decided it would be fun to get sick all over the booth at the restaurant. She had been complaining of a tummy ache all day but I didn't take it too seriously. Oops! She only got sick once and no one else even felt bad. I guess it was just something she ate. Who knows? But we enjoyed the rest of the day with no one getting sick. 
On Saturday we traveled to Devil's Den for the day. My sister and her family were all camping so we decided to join them for the day. We had the best time being outside and just relaxing. Presley LOVES spending time with "the boys". She thinks she is one of them. And the boys are all so sweet with her. 
We had a great weekend with my family. I hate that Drew couldn't come but I'm glad I still made the trip without him. There's nothing like time with family!

September 27, 2015

Mud Pies, Cutting Hair, and "One Minute"

A few weeks ago I introduced Presley to the idea of making mud pies. I remember making them so often when I was a kid. And for whatever reason Presley had never thought to do it. So I explained to her what I used to do and she loved it. Now pretty much every time we go outside she will make some sort of wonderful dessert with dirt. I love it. I don't love that we get super dirty every time we go outside now. But it is fun. And I love that I can watch the girls calmly play together well for awhile.
So it happened...P cut her hair. I always knew it would happen. And thankfully it wasn't too bad. She just gave herself a few side bangs and short hairs on the side. We had gone to a friends house and she found some scissors and decided she needed a trim. What's strange is that she has scissors all the time. There have been many naps where I trusted her with scissors alone and she did fine. I'm not sure why she had the urge this night but she did. No more scissors for awhile. 
Reese's new thing to tell me lately is "One minute". I guess I say that quite a bit. We went outside last night and I asked her if I could have my water back. She said, "Mommy, one minute" and then grinned because she knew she was being funny. It's always funny how my little parrots remind me of what I saw a lot.