Cason Crew

May 21, 2016

She's a Maniac!

Last night was Presley's first dance recital. I have been so nervous about this recital. For months now when we've talked about it Presley would tell me, "I'm not going on stage". I've just sort of let it go in the hopes that she would just do it. But as we got closer to the actual recital I started really talking to her about it. She was pretty insistent that it was NOT going to happen. So of course I've been worried that she would either refuse to go on stage, go on stage and just stand there or even worst just cry. But you know what happened last night...SHE DANCED ON STAGE!!!! 
We went to rehearsal the night before. I figured the rehearsal would either be the best thing or worst thing for her. When we got to the auditorium she wasn't freaked out at all. She was so ready to just go on stage and dance. I was shocked! When she went up on the stage the first time I was in tears I was so shocked. She smiled and danced so well. I texted everyone I knew to tell them to get pumped because I felt like she was actually going to dance at the recital!

The night of the recital I think Presley was most excited about getting to wear "all of my make-up". We did eyeliner, mascara and the works. Drew did a quick photo shoot before we quickly left. Of course we were running late (as usual now) but we managed to get there right in time. (which was actually an hour earlier than the recital so we were fine) 
She was second in the recital which was great for my family since many of them had to leave quickly after. Presley got on stage and danced her little heart out to the song "She's a Maniac". I was so proud. I couldn't help but tear up a little. She looked like she was having so much fun. She told me as we were driving home that she loved it and wants to do it again! WHAT?!?
It was such a fun couple of days with my big girl. It was nice for us to get a little bit of alone time. (and I think it was good for Reese and Drew too). I loved making great memories with my sweet Presley. I can't believe how fast she's grown up. 

May 8, 2016

"Flush your turds!"

Does anyone else have children in the house that NEVER.FLUSH.THEIR.POOP?!!! The struggle is real. The other day I heard Drew yell at his sweet little girl, "Presley, flush your turds!" It was just that funny moment where I had to laugh at the things we say to our kids. (along with "don't eat your boogers". Gross!)
Along with begin disgusting...ha...our children are also silly all the time. I tell Reese constantly that she is such a fruit loop. She told me the other day, "I not a fruit loop. I a cheerio". What? When did my 2 year old get so witty? Ha! We love our little goofballs.
I love being these girls mother. I am blessed that God gave us these two beautiful little girls to love. In about a month we will open our home as a foster family to love other little children. I am so terrified and completely at peace. There are so many things I worry about since I am such a planner. But I am trusting that God has called us to this and we are to obey. Our motto from the beginning of this process has been "Just take the next right step". We know it's going to be tough in ways we can't even imagine, but we also know that we are going to grow in our walk with the Lord in even greater ways. 

April 25, 2016

"Last Night"

Reese doesn't have a really good concept of time right now. Most of the time she'll say, "Last night I ate cookies" when really she means like 2 weeks ago. But it's funny. Presley used to always say, "Yesterday..." I just love how cute their little things they say are. And it's funny how quickly we forget them. 
The girls have been doing surprisingly well in their bunk beds. It does take them a while longer to fall asleep because they end up talking for awhile, but they have managed to sleep in their beds every single night and nap. We've had to threaten spankings a few times for disobeying but they always end up falling asleep. I think they love it too! 
A few weeks ago we planted a garden. The girls loved helping (playing in the dirt). We've been checking it every day to see if anything has grown. We had some success last year so we'll see what happens this year.  
We've hit a phase with the girls that is really tough! They adore each other so much, but they also hate to share. It's been tough trying to teach them to share, but we are working on it. We have lots of time outs, apologies, hugs, spankings....I feel like I'm more of a referee these days. But I know it's just a phase. 
Who says mommy's don't get pampered every once in awhile. The girls gave me a make-over the other day. They always want to play with my "real" make-up. So I gave in an let them the other day. They had the best time! I can't say I looked great! 

April 20, 2016

Bunk Beds and Facing Forward

It all started with a pile of wood. Ha! So this past weekend we were extremely productive. We are in the process of becoming foster parents. So we've always planned to make/buy some bunk beds and put the girls in a room together. That way we'd have an entire room for some other kiddos. So this weekend we decided to get everything done! 

Drew decided he wanted to build the beds. He pretty much came up with the entire concept and plan on his own (using the handy dandy internet of course) Then he just went to town! I can honestly say I did nothing. (except maybe a little stain). I did, however, paint both bedrooms completely on my I was busy too. 

I am so proud of his hard work. The beds are gorgeous! And the girls have been thrilled to sleep in them the past couple of nights. We've had them sleep in the same room a few times so this wasn't totally new. And it helps that they have their own space. Reese has even napped (with Presley on top "napping"). I think it's going to be great. 

Another big thing happened this weekend too...Reese got to turn around in her car seat. It was like a whole new world for her. She told us that she "loved facing this way" the first time she was in the car. She also told Drew he was going, "Super fast". She has been most thrilled that she can now watch the TV on long trips and see me in the mirror. Silly goose.