Cason Crew

February 2, 2016

Presley is 4.5!

I'm not sure how long I'll do these half-birthday posts, but for now I like to remember all the things that have happened in the past 6 months. Presley is growing into such a big girl. I catch myself just watching her realizing she isn't a baby at all anymore. It's such a happy sad because I'm so glad she is growing up but I'm also so sad. I'm sure every mom can understand that. 

-She is still my tiny shrimp. She weighs about 32 lbs and is about 39 inches tall.
-She is wearing size 4T clothes.
-She is wearing size 7-8 shoes.
-She loves to pick out her own clothes these days (and can usually match them pretty well)

-In the past couple of week she has actually started eating a lot more. She must be having a growth spurt.
-She will usually try almost anything, but she doesn't always like everything.
-She LOVES sweets. Cookies, cakes, ice cream....they are all her favorites.
-She is a snacker and would rather snack all day than eat a full meal.

-She sleeps really well. She is usually tired for bed around 7:30-8:00 and is woken up by her sister around 6:00 (unless I can get to her sister first. Then she might sleep until around 7:00-8:00)
-She doesn't nap except on the VERY rare occasion. Most days she will "rest" for about an hour while Reese sleeps.
-She usually likes to sleep with no pajamas on. She still snuggles her puppy every night.
-She has been taking dance and is getting pretty good.
-She is coming out of her shell and has become much less shy around new people.
-She loves to be silly.
-She is very independent and wants to do most things on her own.
-She is a great big sister 99% of the time. She can still be a big toot at times.
-She gets in trouble a lot because she doesn't know when to stop talking. But we are working on that.
-She goes to school two times a week and loves it. She is very smart!
-She has really started to enjoy spelling and trying to read. She likes to read to her sister. 
-She loves running around and playing outside but she is also very girly and loves make-up and perfume.
-Her favorite color is pink and sparkly. 

Reese is 22 Months

Our little baby isn't a baby at all. She is a silly little girl. She is so sweet and snuggly and has the most precious little personality. We love Reese so much and just can't imagine what our family was like before her. She keeps us laughing all the time. 

-She weighs about 27 lbs and 33 inches tall. 
-She is wearing size 24 month/2T clothing.
-She wears size 5 shoe.
-She is wearing size 4 diapers (yes, still using diapers)
-This girl LOVES to eat. She is like a little raccoon that sneaks in the pantry.
-Her first words out of her mouth in the morning are usually, "Please mommy, eat something".
-She loves to drink juice. She still drinks milk and water.
-She wants to feed herself all the time. She does really well with a fork and spoon.
-She eats pretty much whatever we eat now. Her favorite foods are peanut butter, goldfish, cereal bars, cheese, yogurt, and crackers.
-Reese is still an incredible sleeper. She goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes up around 6:00. 
-She takes one nap a day for about 1.5 hours
-She sleeps in her big girl bed and does great! She only gets out of bed every once in awhile if she's not super sleepy.
-She loves to take toys and books to bed to snuggle. But she never has a night light or any music. She just goes right to sleep.
-She usually likes to sleep with two pillows.
-Reese is so encouraging. She will always tell us, "Good job mommy".
-She is talking non stop! We can understand about 95% of what she says really well.
-She can count to 10 on her own.
-She can recognize most colors and shapes. She recognizes when there are letters but she can't name them quite yet.
-She loves her big sister so much and wants to do anything she does.
-She is incredibly funny and knows it.
-We basically stopped potty training for a couple of months. She was doing so well and then decided she didn't want to anymore. Since it was during the holidays I backed off. I plan to start it up again soon. I'm just not looking forward to that at all!
-She is so sweet and snuggly and always wants to snuggle 

Accidental Renovation

You've heard of the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie"? Well, that's also true about painting a house. Our "accidental renovation" was only ever intended to be a fresh coat of paint. But then we decided to take down some cabinets (that we've wanted to take down for years!). And then, because there was a vent going through the ceiling we had to patch it. But we've wanted to scrape the popcorn ceiling for years. But then after we paint we might as well add some crown molding, but now the curtains and rugs and wall decor don't match....It.never.ends! So needless to say I took a little blogging hiatus to renovate our house. We aren't done yet but we've made lots of progress. I can't say it's been fun at all, but I'm happy we did it. Now back to our regular schedule show of blogging...

January 11, 2016

So it's 2016

I haven't stopped blogging. We've just been incredibly busy lately. Drew bought a lot of super awesome tools over Christmas and he's been building us a beautiful table! When he's not been doing that he has been hanging out with the girls and I a lot. So we've had tons of wonderful family time together...which means no time to blog! But I'm still here and still plan to blog. :)

December 27, 2015

Our Last Christmas

We traveled to my in-laws house on Saturday to celebrate one more Christmas. We had a great time opening presents and hanging out. The girls got a ton of wonderful gifts! I think Presley's favorite part is giving her fun presents that she buys to her family. She got so giddy for every single present she gave. I love it. I do have to give props to her Aunt Ha-Ha (since she won't let me post a picture of her!) P got her some butterfly bling for her cell phone and Ha Ha instantly put it on her phone. What a champ. Of course her grandmari and Aunt J also wore their beautiful Jewelry all day too. I think most everyone "loved" their thoughtful gifts. I hope we can help Presley understand that it's way more fun to give gifts than to get gifts. We had a wonderful Christmas season. I can't believe how fast it flew by. We took the tree down today and put it away until next year. Happy New Year!