Cason Crew

December 1, 2015


When I first got married my mom gave me most of my ornaments that we had on her tree. But at the time I decided to only have a "pretty" tree and not put up the mix-match ornaments. I am pretty sure it hurt my mom's feelings. I maybe even remember her telling me that I should save them because one day I would want them. I guess (once again) she was right.
 For the last 7 years we have put up a pretty simple "pretty" tree without any ornaments except the generic red and gold. I've always had my sentimental ornaments in the box but didn't want them to mess up my tree. Well, this year Presley found them and was so interested in them. She loved how fun and cute they were. So this mommy gave in and decided we'd put up some sentimental ornaments for the first time ever. 
 I can't tell you how excited both girls have been looking at all of the ornaments. They ask who's each one of them are and where they came from. They just love them so much. I am so glad I finally decided to be sentimental and put up all of the ornaments...ugly or not! 
I've never considered myself very sentimental. I'm never one to keep things "just because". I think it's because I've moved so many times and it was just a pain to keep up with stuff. But now that I have my own girls I've gotten much more sentimental. So no matter how "ugly" my tree might be, as long as the girls enjoy it we will keep on putting up all ornaments. 

November 28, 2015

Big Girl Bed!

A few days ago Drew and I decided to start seeing how Reese would sleep in a big girl bed during nap. We have been talking about moving the girls into the same room with bunk beds in a little while so we figured this was as good of a time as any. So to our surprise, the first day she napped great! She wanted to lay in her bed, didn't even try to get up and stayed in it the entire time. So I thought we'd try and push our luck and see if she'd stay in there all night. She did! She woke up the next morning so proud of herself. So after three nights of sleeping in her bed I told Drew it was time to take down the crib. No need for a huge piece of furniture just taking up space. 
So our little baby isn't a baby anymore. She's sleeping in her big girl bed like a champ. So we spent some time this morning rearranging her room and getting it all set up for a big girl. Crazy how fast time flies!

November 24, 2015

Reese is 20 Months

Our "little" girl doesn't seem very little anymore. She is growing and changing into a big girl more and more every day. I love her silly little personality right now. She makes us laugh all the time.
-She weighs about 25 lbs and is 33 inches tall
-She is wearing size 18-24 month/2T clothing.
-She is wearing size 5 shoe.
-We've been working on potty training her but at night she wears size 4 diapers.
-This girl loves to eat! I feel like she wants to snack and eat all the time.
-She drinks milk, water, and LOVES apple juice. 
-She will eat pretty much anything eventually but she is pretty picky if we let her choose.
-Her favorite foods include goldfish, cheeses, yogurt, cereal, bananas.
-She is really good at feeding herself with a fork and spoon. She can sometimes make a little bit of a mess but she does super well. 
-This girl is an amazing sleeper!
-She goes to bed around 8:00 without any fuss at all. We literally tell her good night, lay her in bed, cover her up and walk away. She will just say, "Night Night" and that's it. (most nights)
-She takes one nap a day around 1:00. It can be anywhere from 1-2 hours. She doesn't fight it either. Most days I'll just tell her it's time for a nap and she'll walk to her bed.
-She loves to sleep on her little small pillow and cover up with a blanket. She usually likes to snuggle either her elmo or her minnie mouse.
-She sleeps in the dark with the door almost completely closed. We don't use any night lights.
-She loves to pray and it's so cute to hear her, "Dod, nonee daddy, sissy..."
-She adores her big sister and wants to be JUST like her.
-She is doing really well using the potty for the most part. We still have lots of accidents some days but for the most part she is doing great.
-She loves puzzles and books.
-She can recognize lots of colors like pink, blue, yellow, and red.
-She can notice when there are letters and numbers.
-She can pretty much say anything. She has started saying 3-4 word phrases all on her own.
-She is so polite and sweet. She is constantly saying, "Uh huh, ma'am"
- She loves to snuggle.
-She loves Elmo and Minnie Mouse.
-She is so silly and makes us laugh.
-She loves to dance and be goofy.
-She has had to start going to time-out for being stubborn but so far it's not too bad.

November 5, 2015

"How do you spell...?"

I love how interested Presley has always been in letters and words. Lately she wants to know how to spell everything! And I mean EVERYTHING! Whenever we are driving she'll ask, "Momma, how do you spell car, bird, grass, tree, cow, carseat, tire, road..." Or if we are taking a bath or eating or sitting or anything. She wants to know how to spell words all the time. And I always try to ask her, "How do you think you spell it?" And some times she wants to try and sometimes she'll get it correct or really close. And then of course other times she gets mad and just wants me to spell it for her. I try not to push her to learn since she loves learning so much. She'll do it on her own time and I want her to enjoy it. 
 Little sister is also getting very interested in letters. She has been able to recognize when there are letters and numbers for awhile now. When she sees them she'll always say, "D-E-E" We've started working on helping her recognize letters and numbers. She seems to really enjoy it and can recognize a couple of letters. We've also started trying to help her learn how to say her letters better. She is speaking so well. 
Potty training is still going. We have great days and terrible days! Some days I feel like I'm fighting a battle I'll never win. Then other days I feel like she is doing awesome. Some times she goes into the bathroom all by herself and goes potty almost completely on her own. Other days she acts like it's the worst idea ever to use the potty. Grr....I also think that because we've had to spend some much time focusing on Reese the big sister has started to act out a little more. I decided to take Presley on a mommy/daughter date after school the other day. I just wanted to remind her that I love her bunches. 

November 1, 2015

An Elsa and a Minnie

At the last minute Presley decided to dress up like Elsa. She had been talking about all of her dress up costumes all week so I had no idea what we would end up with. Reese didn't really have a choice since Minnie is basically the most awesome thing ever for her (and we had the costume!) I'm all about using old costumes if they work. 

The girls were no thrilled about the idea of going trick or treating. They knew they'd get candy but they were both really fussy. That is until they realized all they had to do was say "Trick or Treat" and smile and they'd get candy. Reese made sure there was no room for error and would just yell, "Treat Treat". Presley started realizing the faster we went the more candy we got. So she was running around for a bit. We were actually out for about 1.5 hours....much longer than we anticipated. But they were having such a good time that we just kept going.  
After we got done we had to come back and check out all of our amazing candy. The girls were amazed. We had gotten so much that we had to dump some of it in the wagon because they couldn't even carry it. Reese, of course, had a sucker in her hand the entire time. She never opened it (thankfully) but she would not put it down. I'm pretty sure we have enough candy to last us until next Halloween. Here's to gaining an extra 10 lbs. 

October 30, 2015

Preschool Party

The other day Presley got to dress up for school and trick or treat around the church offices. They also had a small class party. She chose to wear her (size 2!) Cinderella costume that we've had for years. I think it might even be pajamas. Ha! But I decided this was not a battle worth fighting. She had a great time and got lots of yummy candy. 

October 29, 2015

Potty Update and Life

We're still here. We've been a bit busy with potty training, but we are still alive. I really can't complain. Reese is doing amazing! She can go pretty much all day at home without having any accidents in her panties. I usually put a pull-up on her when we leave the house just for my own sanity. And she is still doing diapers at night because we are no where close to ready for that business yet. But hey, it's a start and it will save us some on diapers. I'll take it! Little Miss Thang has gotten to where she wants to do it all by herself. Which is awesome and horrible! She loves to go in her bathroom, climb on her stool, pull down her panties and do it alone. But she can also not quite get her undies down in time or use A LOT of toilet paper if I'm not watching. So we've got to keep an eye on Miss Independent. 

Other than potty training we've just been doing life. The girls are arguing like normal kids and they are keeping me on my toes. We've had some great days lately but also some really tough days. I'm learning that so much of how the days goes depends on my attitude. If I don't get some alone time with Jesus in the morning then I am a grump and it doesn't help anything. So here's to having some alone time and getting in a quick cup of coffee before the girls wake up!