Cason Crew

July 1, 2015


I honestly can't say that summertime feels much different than normal now that I'm a stay at home mom. The only real difference is that it's so hot outside! We have had lots of fun hanging out with friends more (and Drew less!) but other than that we've just been doing our same thing. 
Most days my girls are waking up around 7:00ish. I can't complain! We usually get up and enjoy a lazy breakfast then get dressed for the day. Reese has been transitioning to only one nap so it's opened up our mornings for many more things. We like to go to the library, Presley has dance, we go to Target, we play outside, or whatever other fun thing we can do. I definitely enjoy our mornings together the most. Everyone is usually in a better mood (including me).
 Both girls lay down for "naps" around 1:30ish after we eat lunch. Presley has pretty much given up a nap, but she will rest or play quietly in her room for about an hour. It gives me a little bit of downtown. Once they wake up we have a snack and then get ready to fight the afternoon crankiness. We've been enjoying lots of time swimming or playing in the water outside if it's not a million degrees. Sometimes we stay inside and watch a movie or do crafts.
Around 5:00 Drew comes in and we eat dinner and clean up the house. Then we normally try to go back outside and either swim or play since it's usually a bit cooler. Around 7:30 we take baths and head to bed by 8:00. Our days sometimes seem like they are so long but I know the years are short with these girls. I try to soak up every single second that I can because I know before long they will be all grown up! 

June 25, 2015

Wild Child in the Pool

We spend most of our evenings in the our little pool. The girls can both touch the bottom and absolutely love just walking around. Reese is our little wild child and loves to be thrown up in the sky. She will get mad if Drew doesn't throw her in the air a million times. Silly girl! 

June 23, 2015

Ballerina Presley

Today was Presley's first day of dance class. I was so excited for her! We've been talking about it (and prepping her) for weeks. Change is hard for Presley and she is painfully shy around large crowds of new people, so I knew this would be tough for her. But she seemed so excited about it today...until we were driving there. I told her I would get her a snow cone if she was brave and got through the entire class. But she was so nervous (which made me nervous). When we got to the dance studio she started crying and wouldn't leave my side. But she was brave and walked into the class and thankfully her teacher was a sweetheart. Once she got her shoes off she was fine and ready to go. She did a great job during the entire class. After it was over she told me she definitely wants to go back. I am thrilled!